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pINKWELL(TM) Beach Party

A beach party with a cause on Martha's Vineyard!

Get ready for pINKWELL(TM) beach party with a cause that the Psi Omega Chapter hosts on Inkwell Beach on the third Thursday in August, where AKAs, family & friends come from all over to fellowship and enjoy a summer celebration. Join us at home virtually as we celebrate, relax, and have a good time at pINKWELL(TM) this summer! This year's festivities include a food and drink demonstration, fun games and competitions, and a fashion show. We hope you can join us!

In conjunction with this social celebration, we host a yearly fundraiser to support our community programming efforts on the Vineyard and in the Greater Boston Area. The fundraiser's proceeds have benefited organizations/initiatives including but not limited to the Niantic Park Youth Basketball Program, the MV Council on Aging, and HBCU for Life Care pAKAges. Please consider making a charitable donation to support this FREE event and our impact to be of service to all.

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