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ASCEND 2017 - 2018

ASCEND is our signature mentoring program for high school students.

We invited a few of our ASCEND students to a special lunch and learn session and they are so impressive!

The members of Psi Omega Chapter along with our ASCEND students

ASCEND and Psi Omega Members

Dr. Malika Jeffries-El Associate Professor at Boston University speaking to our ASCEND participants about her STEM journey.

Connecting the movie Hidden Figures to her experience with science.

Ashley Brown, MPA Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Government Relations & Public Affairs shares with our ASCEND participants her experience working with politicians, the government, the White House and election campaigns.

Black Nativity at the Paramount Theatre, Boston

Our Chapter member the Honorable Judith Dilday is a member of the cast along with our Past President Kafi Meadows daughter Jasiri.

A wonderfully presented event for our ASCEND participants

AKA Iota Gamma members provide mentorship and insight to our ASCEND students

This month AKA Psi Omega members Marsha helped create vision boards, Shamikhah helped with understanding the application and admission process and Darlene organized the activities.

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